About Family Care Card Houston

Family Care, based in Houston, Texas, offers discounted health care services through a membership card program. Licensed in 20 states, the Family Cares Card reduces consumer costs on medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug services. Negotiating with over 500,000 medical providers, 14,000 dental practices, as well as chiropractors and pharmacies, Family Care is the premier Discount Medical Plan Organization in the country.

The only full-service DMPO licensed in California, Family Care falls under the regulation of the California Department of Managed Health Care, established through the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act. For a reasonable monthly membership fee, Family Care Card holders gain access to significant discounts on medical services through hundreds of providers in California.

Under the guidance of CEO Dr. Michael Rabie, Family Care has positioned itself as a leader in helping to lower costs associated with medical care and health maintenance. Recognizing that over 47 million Americans lack any sort of health insurance and another 70 million have inadequate coverage, the Family Care Card provides an alternative to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Physicians and health care providers benefit by accepting the Family Care Card as they receive payment immediately from patients, avoiding billing delays associated with insurance claims. The Family Care Card also helps reduce paperwork demands on doctors who no longer have to complete insurance forms or justify treatments.

Backed by tens of thousands of members, Family Care has the power to negotiate fees with its preferred providers. The goal of the Family Care Card is to make regular visits to the doctor more affordable, enabling people to get preventive care before a condition becomes serious or life threatening. To sign up for a Family Care Card, visit http://www.FamilyCareCard.com.


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